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Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics
Hemi Graduate Student Initiative (Hemi GSI) Sixth Convergence

Photo credit: Gerd Altmann

Intimate Architectures: Displacement, Irruption, and Emergency in the Americas 
October 4-8, 2021 (

Call for Participants 

Extended Deadline: June 28, 2021

The Americas are in a state of crisis. Hurricanes ravage the Caribbean while the Amazon burns; disaster capitalism and racism keep populations in continual states of precarity accelerating the displacement of communities and processes of gentrification; new and ongoing attacks on and erosion of rights signal a resurgence of fascism across the hemisphere; and within the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought these issues and others to a critical boiling point. “Intimate Architectures” names the proliferating responses and tactics developed for care and life in the midst of matrices of oppression and dispossession. It speaks to conditions of everyday life, the scripting and conscripting of power to constrain the capacity for life, while also denoting the networks, social and aesthetic, that irrupt these conditions to disrupt, refuse, defy, and imagine.

We invite participants for the sixth convergence of the Hemispheric Graduate Student Initiative. This international conference will take place virtually over several days in October, with participants having the opportunity to participate in one of ten working groups and praxis workshops focused on specific topics within the broader conference theme of space, visibility, movement, irruption, and transformation.

This convergence will feature keynote lectures by Denise Ferreira da Silva and Frances Negrón-Muntaner, as well as multiple distinguished panelists. A detailed schedule of events will be forthcoming.

You can see our full list of working groups here. To apply, please fill out this form. Any questions can be directed to