Poetics of Relation: Fascias, Rhizomes and Deep-Body Listening [CANCELLED]


Poetics of Relation: Fascias, Rhizomes and Deep-Body Listening

Co-conveners: Isabelle Elizéon (Université Bretagne Occidentale, Compagnie Lasko) and Dimitri Tsiapkinis


In our transdisciplinary work, we seek to synthesize these three aspects of our interests, our identities, and our personal-investigative urgencies. From this starting point, we intend to cross the border spaces, understood as limits towards overflow, an in-between, and finally a dynamic to establish a Poetics of Relation (evoking the thought of the poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant).

Through an exploration of ideas around borders, boundaries, and intermediate spaces, we seek to establish a dynamic of deterritorialization in our work, as conceptualized by the philosopher and psychoanalyst Félix Guattari.

We will start by establishing a space in common, working with a maximum of 20 people. Our methodology is, above all, experimental, and based on the exploration of the sensible. 

Our goal is to create a space of awareness through sensitivity and experimentation with the relationships between individual ~ body ~ space ~ environment. We will also explore interiority, and the deep intimacy and imaginary that come into play in the micro ~ macro, individual ~ collective relationship. In these spaces, we will propose body exercises based on movement, contemporary dance, and exploration of the fascias. We will create situations of improvisation on the ground and in groups in order to explore these body-space-environment relationships.

The completion of this laboratory will open up a space to collectively narrate this experience through the body and the word. The spaces we pass through can then be thought of as landscapes and no longer as territories.

The questions that will be addressed at the end of the session will be: what metamorphoses, what changes remain in the lived experience, in the relationship with oneself, with the other, in the motivations and sensations that arose? How can the intimate experience help to increase awareness of the border and its possible crossings? Our goal is to build a horizontal architecture, designed by a multiple network (the rhizomes) – as the fascias can be – in order to invent a Poetics of Relations.

What is happening at the moment across the world, and what is happening in the USA, reinforces in us the idea that the utopia of a Poetics of Relation is vital.

Isabelle Elizeón is a researcher in the performing arts, arts sciences and artist (stage director and playwright). Dimitri Tsiapkinis is a pedagogue, choreographer and fascia therapist.

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